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2016 MOBA Proud MOTY Award

By Fan Harrison Smith , 07/19/16, 5:30PM EDT


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Peachtree City is #MOBAProud

2016 MOBA Proud MOTY Award

By Harrison Smith

PDL Playoffs kicked off today, thus marking the transition between regular and post season. Now that MOBA's 2016 season is complete, it is now safe to begin handing out recognition and awards for excellence in the sport, and there is no better prize than receiving the title of 2016 Man of the Year (the association football equivalent of MVP).


The sport of football is based around two principles: Pride and Teamwork. However, teamwork does not mean that nobody deserves recognition for outstanding play. A team may work well together and share the ball, but there is always at least one player that truly stands out. And that player, more often than not, receives the Man of the Year award. And so, upon the conclusion of the 2016 Peachtree City MOBA season, the one-man panel here at MOBA Proud would like to recognize a player that met all the standards a MOTY should meet: Salomon Lorenzano.

Lorenzano, a native of Peachtree City, started all 14 games for MOBA this year, accruing a total of 1170 minutes, most on the team by almost 200 minutes. Despite not having a goal or assist to his name, Salomon still epitomized the idea of being MOBA Proud. As a Midfielder, Lorenzano was always in the mix of the action. Whether it be fighting for the ball, playing defense on a set piece, or taking part in the attack, he was always there and was always making his presence known. He was not always well-respected, however.

Despite being well-liked among the team, opposing strikers and midfielders were not so fond of Salomon. He was always being played more aggressively, and could never get a break. The officials did not always see the pushing and shoving, and yellow cards were not always given to the players they should be, but Lorenzano never would let it get to him. He would funnel his aggression and anger into his play, and it would pay off. He was always finding the key pass at the right time that would lead to a goal, corner, or free kick. In MOBA's first game against their rivals, Tormenta FC, Lorenzano picked up a lost ball from Brahan Gamarra, worked down into the corner, and then crossed a beauty to Jonny Evans, who passed it up to Iain Smith, who then scored the one and only goal of the game, and MOBA took a 1-0 victory. Lorenzano was the catalyst for the win, as he often was.

Once again, the one-man panel would like to congratulate Salomon Lorenzano on a stellar season, for, despite not scoring, he was always funneling energy and pride into each and every game, which is what a Man of the Year should be excelling at. We, the people of Peachtree City, hope that Salomon returns next season to finally get his name into the book, and lead his team to a playoff berth.